Frequently Asked Questions

Your guide to using LIQUID.

Your guide to using LIQUID.

Learn about LIQUID

  • What is LIQUID?

    LIQUID brings the best of banking, payments and asset management right to the palm of your hand. At LIQUID we believe that you work hard for your money, and you deserve to have your money work hard for you.

  • What can I do with LIQUID?

    The LIQUID app is there to help you meet your financial GOALS and ease the pressure you go through to perform your regular day to day financial transactions. You can:

    • Create a GOAL and start saving towards it.
    • Invest your money over a period of time to have access to high returns
    • Buy airtime for yourself, friends and family
    • Pay utility bills (water, ecg, dstv e.t.c)
    • Send money to partners, friends and family
  • How is it possible to invest with only five cedis on LIQUID?

    At LIQUID, we’re committed to giving you value you can’t find on your own. We negotiate with investment managers to ensure there are no minimums for you to start investing. Because we bring together many clients, the asset managers treat us with the same respect as their bigger corporate clients - and we pass on the deals to you.

  • Where is the money held?

    Funds invested through LIQUID are held with our investment partner, IC Asset Managers. IC Asset Managers is a private company licensed as Fund Manager and Investment Advisor by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Republic of Ghana. We are committed to adding additional financial partners so we can continue to bring you great deals over time.

  • Does LIQUID cost money to use?

    Setting up and maintaining an account on the LIQUID app is absolutely FREE. For specific transactions (particularly those that use a debit card), we pass on the fees charged by our payment processing partners.

  • Is there risk when I invest money through the LIQUID app?

    Yes. All investments carry risk. Investments can go up or down and can involve the loss of the principal you have invested. However, we work with our investment partners, like IC Asset Managers, to select funds that balance risk with return.

Managing my GOALS & investment accounts

  • What are GOALS?

    LIQUID Goals allow you to set money aside to satisfy a short term or long term need.

    1. Pick any goal.
    2. Set the amount you want to save.
    3. Our goal assist feature will remind you what to save daily, weekly or monthly to reach your goal
    4. Start investing using your debit card or momo and check the app to see your Goal balance
  • How do I set a GOAL?

    To get started, select GOAL in the app, choose the type of goal you want to set, name it and answer a few simple questions (how much does it cost, when you want to achieve it). You can even add a picture to remind you about the goal.

  • Can I set more than one GOAL?

    There’s no limit to the number of GOALs you can set. You can set one for a car, a different one for school fees and another one for that trip you have been dreaming about.

  • How do I fund my GOAL?

    Click into your goal tile, there is an add funds button. Click it and you can fund your goal using a mobile money wallet or a debit card.

    Goal Balance
    Please note that while we will immediately reflect your deposit under your goal details, it will take up to 1 business day to update your "invested" balance.

  • Will I earn returns on my funds?

    When you put money into a goal account, we transfer those funds to our investment management partner, IC Asset Managers. While returns vary with the fluctuation of the underlying assets (bonds, equities, etc), historically they have performed well in excess of bank rates and often t-bill rates. These earnings are reflected daily in your app statement, so you can reach your goals faster!

  • How will earnings be paid?

    The earnings your investments make will be paid to your account, held with IC Asset Managers, on a daily basis (weekdays only). Just check your goal balance to see your earnings.

  • What is GOAL Assist?

    We want to make the journey to saving towards your dreams STRESS FREE. We help you make a plan to meet your goal, depending on whether you want to save daily, weekly or monthly toward your goal.

  • What is the minimum amount required to fund my GOAL?

    You can start any goal with just 5 cedis.

  • Will I be charged for funding my GOAL?

    If you fund your account with mobile money, it is absolutely free. If you fund your account using your debit card, LIQUID will pass on the payment fees associated with our payment providers.

  • Will I be charged for withdrawing from my GOAL?

    Our payment processing providers do charge some fees for sending you your funds. If you receive funds on mobile money, the fee will 0.5% of the value of your goal (= 50 pesewas for each 100 cedis). With a bank transfer, it is a flat fee charged by our banking partner, usually below 3 cedis. If you send funds to a GT bank account, then the transfer back to you is free. At LIQUID, we are working hard to be able to reduce any fees. Stay tuned!

  • Will I be penalized if I miss some payments or if I withdraw my money before I reach my goal?

    No, you will not be penalized if you miss any of your payments. There are no breakage fees (unlike banks who charge up to 20% breakage fees on fixed deposits). However, we encourage you to keep your funds in for at least a 3 month period of time so you will have a chance to really benefit from your investment.

  • Will I be notified if I am behind on funding my GOAL?

    We will send you email reminders and notifications to help you stay on track toward meeting your GOALS.

  • Can I change my GOAL after I set it?

    Yes you can. You can modify the details of your GOAL at anytime, you can change the GOAL amount, the target date, the purpose of the goal and the frequency with which you fund the GOAL.

  • Can I withdraw the funds in my GOAL before the due date?

    Yes you can withdraw part or all of the money you have saved even before your “due date.” Just give us 2 days notice and we’ll send the funds back to you.

  • How do I withdraw the funds?

    When you set up your goal account, you need to share the bank account or mobile money account to which the goal will be withdrawn. When you decide to withdraw, go to GOALS, select your goal, and click on “withdraw.” Funds will be sent to you within 2 business days.

Nuts and bolts

  • What do I need to sign-up?

    We have made the sign-up process as easy and seamless as possible. We ask you for information to satisfy Know-Your-Customer regulations in Ghana - but the process should only take about 5 minutes in total. You will need to share the following:

    • *Phone number
    • *Email address
    • *Your full name
    • *Residential address
    • Basic information like Date of Birth, gender, occupation
    • A copy of a government approved ID card
    • A Selfie

    * These items are required to create a basic account, which will allow to perform everyday functions like buy airtime, pay bill or send money. You will need the other items to unlock a full account to be able to invest.

  • What forms of payment can I use?

    You can use the following payment channels on the app:

    • MTN mobile money, AirtelTigo Cash, Vodafone Cash
    • Visa & Mastercard
  • If I have any concerns/issues how can I reach you?

    You can reach us on any of these:

    • WhatsApp: +233 55 252 4532
    • Email:
    • Call: 030 278 4725
    • Visit: GA-123-0603, Kwabena Aniefe Street Number 1 Accra, Ghana 00233
    • Talk to us @GetLIQUIDGh on IG and Twitter or LIQUID Financial Services on FB
  • Who is behind LIQUID?

    LIQUID Financial Services Limited is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. We have a team of established professionals with years of experience across 15+ markets in Africa. Our team brings a wealth of experience from Technology, Finance and Telecoms and is passionate about driving financial inclusion in Africa. Visit to learn more about us.


  • Why do you need my personal details for a full account?

    Your security is important to us. We don’t want someone else to open an account in your name, or try to use your account without your knowledge. We ask you for your personal details (address, ID card, selfie, etc.) to ensure your account is only used by you. This also helps us ensure that the Bank of Ghana’s due diligence policies related to Know-Your-Customer policies and procedures are satisfied.

  • Is my information secure?

    At LIQUID, we invest heavily in your security. For example:

    • Access Control. Accounts set up through LIQUID require a unique phone number and password. You also have the option to use a PIN, or biometric fingerprint recognition for account access. Additionally, session end-timers and log-in thresholds protect against unauthorized access.
    • Encryption. We use 256-bit encryption to protect all your information, from personal data to transaction history. We also use Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) to help ensure all information on our platform is secure.
    • PCI-DSS compliance. We are compliant with the Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard, which was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud.
  • Verified by Visa

    Please note that for every card transaction you will be redirected to your banks webpage to request an OTP. Please enter the OTP you receive to complete the transaction. This is to ensure that your account is secure at all times.


Convenient. Simple. Secure.

Your security is important to us. LIQUID has invested in world-leading cybersecurity to protect your information. When we accept funds toward your goals, we transfer them directly to accredited asset managers, who work day and night to get you a return.