Frequently Asked Questions

Your guide to using LIQUID.

Getting started

  • Welcome to LIQUID

    You might not know it yet, but you’re home at last. Here your money will work harder for you than it ever has before, bringing a lot more of your dreams within reach. Money should move quickly and smoothly and that’s what we’re about – simplifying your financial world so that you can get on with the business of enjoying life. We want to see you setting goals, building savings, enjoying rewards, transacting seamlessly and investing wisely. We don’t want you to spend hours on things that take minutes – and we never want to see you in a queue again.

  • Signing in to LIQUID

    What you’ll need to sign in:

    • Your phone number.
    • Your password.
    • The ability to get 2 factor authentication codes. The code will be sent as a text message to the phone number associated with your account.

    Signing in and out on mobile:

    • Make sure you have the LIQUID app downloaded
      • Download the iOS app here
      • Download the Android app here
    • Once it's downloaded, open up the Liquid app
    • Enter your phone number and password
    • Tap sign in
    • You may be prompted to enter a 2 factor authentication code. You should receive the code via text message. Just enter it in and tap next.
    • Then, choose, enter, and confirm a 4 digit mobile unlock code. If your device is able to use Touch ID, you’ll be asked if you’d like to use it as well
  • Signing out of LIQUID
    • Open the “My account” tab
    • Scroll down to the settings section
    • Tap “Log out”
  • Getting Money Into LIQUID

    There are lots of ways to move money into Liquid. To us - mobile money, bank transfer, cash - you name it, it’s all money to us. To add funds to your account, go to “My Account” and click “Add funds.” From there, here’s a quick overview of the options:

    • Mobile money. Select mobile money and enter the details of the account from which you would like to pull funds. For your own security, you will receive a confirmation prompt from your mobile money wallet confirming the transaction.
    • Bank debit card. Link your bank debit card by selecting “Bank card” and entering the relevant information.
    • Deposit cash. You can deposit cash at any GT Bank branch or one of our partner agents. To find the location nearest to you, go to “My Account” and click on “Withdraw and Deposit cash.” When you get there you can use your phone to generate a token to deposit or withdraw cash
    • Deposit from your bank account. To make a deposit from your bank account, you will need your account number at Liquid, which you can find on the my account screen. When you are making a transfer from your bank, select GT bank as the recipient bank. Given we are not a bank, we work in partnership with GT bank to receive funds.


  • Goals and how to use them

    You can use Goals to set money aside while keeping it handy when you need it. You can set money aside instantly, or save over time. You can easily move money in and out and you can even make a savings plan to help you meet your goal by its due date.

  • Making goals
    • Go to the “Goals” tab
    • Choose what you want to save for
    • Name your goal and pick the amount you’d like to save and the date by which you’d like to achieve your goal.
    • Decide whether to use the GoalAssist feature to help remind you to save toward your goal - you can choose a daily, weekly or monthly amount to save.
  • Editing your goals
    • Go to the “Goals” tab
    • Choose the goal you would like to edit
    • Click “edit” in the top right corner of your screen
    • Adjust the settings on your goal
  • Exit a goal / get money back I have set aside

    If you decide you no longer want to save for a goal, you can delete the goal, or mark as completed. If you have invested using the GoalPlus feature, note that it will take 1 business day to receive funds back in your account.


  • Making payments and moving money with Liquid
    • You can pay for airtime (MTN, Airtel/Tigo, Vodafone, Glo), data (Surfline, Busy, etc), and bills (ECG, DStv, GOtv), as well as send and receive money from mobile money wallets and bank accounts
    • Simply click on transact, and select the item you’d like to pay for


  • Inviting friends to join LIQUID
    • You can invite friends to join you on Liquid by visitng “My account” and clicking on “invite friends” and then “share code.” You can then select the mode way you’d like to share your invite code - email, whatspp, facebook, twitter, etc.
    • Every time a user signs up with your invite code, you’ll be eligible to earn rewards.
    • You can track your progress in sharing the joys of Liquid by visiting the “invite friends” page. At the bottom of the page you will be able to see which friends have used your code.

Convenient. Simple. Secure.

Your security is important to us. LIQUID has invested in world-leading cybersecurity to protect your information. When we accept funds toward your goals, we transfer them directly to accredited asset managers, who work day and night to get you a return.